The main purpose of this site is to help foreigners live, work, and travel in Korea.

More specifically, the information is organized into 4 main columns:

  • How To Teach English: all the news and tips an English teacher needs to be successful in Korea. It doesn’t matter if you work in a private academy, public school, or university, you will find useful information for all levels here.
  • How To Travel Korea: learn about fun and interesting sites around Korea from a local’s perspective.
  • How To Travel Asia: do you have some time off from your job and want to explore beyond Korea’s boundaries? Here is the latest info on some of the hottest get-a-way destinations for foreigners living in Korea.
  • How To Live In Korea: contains articles about Korean culture and life.

Another important objective of this site is to showcase the many talented and interesting people living in Korea, as well as highlight the organizations that support our community.

Finally, I made this site for myself so I could write about what I love and publish it.

If you have suggestions or comments please leave them here.