Sexy English Lesson Plan: Origami Butterfly & Imperitives Mashup

Teach English writing, speaking, and listening with this simple and fun lesson plan.

Level: Lower intermediate – advanced

Time: 50 minutes

Materials: Printer paper, scissors, computer, screen, projector

Objectives: S’s will be able to use the imperative and give instructions

Key Vocab: crease, fold (in half), edge, corner, tuck, horizontal, triangle, flap

Step 1. Engage: Watch video and make origami.

  • Ask S’s if they know what origami is. Explain. Show an example.
  • Introduce key vocab.
  • Play butterfly origami video and have class follow along.

Step 2. Study: The Imperative.

Step 3. Activate: Give “How to…” demo.

  • T introduces how to scramble an egg.
  • Put S’s in groups of 2-4 and have them make their own “how to” instruction list. For example, how to: tie your shoes, make a recipe, put on makeup, drive a car, etc..
  • S’s come to front of class in groups and demonstrate their “how to…” instructions.

*Not quite sure how to teach English in Korea? Check out this guide: 11 Steps to Effective ESL Lesson Planning.

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  1. Jon says:

    Hey friend, “imperitives” is spelt “imperatives”. 😉 Take it easy, J.

  2. Carissa says:

    Ooo fancy! I use a much simpler orgami lesson to review opposites and check for listening comprehension students tend to enjoy it