English Mania Grips World

Like it or not, English is sweeping across the world. Some say English is a tool used by America and England to “colonize” the world. Others see it as the dawn of a new era when people from around the globe will have a common language to promote cultural understanding and solve some of the world’s biggest problems like poverty, disease, and war.

Either way the rise of English as the world’s lingua franca cannot be ignored. Today over 2 billion people are studying English from Algeria to Zimbabwe.

In this video Jay Walker, the founder of Priceline.com, describes the meteoric growth of “the world’s second language” and the effects it has on other people, countries, and languages. Furthermore, he focuses on English education in China.

Wait until you see how one man in China is teaching English to thousands of students – in one class!

Is English taking over the world? Is it good or bad thing?

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